Gluten Free Diet: Food and Recipes for Beginners
Gluten Free Diet
This guide is written in plain English, will help you easily understand what a
Gluten Free diet is and will put you firmly on the road to beginning a Gluten Free life.

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Foods To Avoid In A Gluten Free Diet

Even when previously listing all the ingredients that contain Gluten it is hard to think off the top of your head which common foods Gluten may be contained in. Here are the main foods to watch out for and avoid that may currently be part of your daily diet:

  • All common breads
  • All common pastas
  • Many convenience foods, as they are highly processed and as such are almost guaranteed to contain Gluten.
  • Soups and sauces that are thickened using wheat
  • Rye, Barley and other gluten flours
  • Custards and Gravies






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